Backlink Recognition

At Seo Services In Uk, we’ll automatically recognize all of your links from the internet's most trusted backlink checking portals. This ensures that all imaginable links that can be accounted for are taken into consideration.

Exclusive Link Analysis Algorithm

Since our inception, we’ve analyzed hundreds of thousands of links and have developed exclusive analysis algorithms to recognize unnatural backlinks. We grab a look at over 75+ different data points and metrics for each individual link at our disposal.

Unnatural Link Database

We cross-check all of your links against the most extensive list of known unnatural domains already marked ‘unnatural’ by Google! Since our inception, we’ve helped hundreds of clients eliminate unnatural link-related penalties.

Seo Services In Uk Will Help You with:

Build Great Links
Influencers Relationships
Recover Lost Links
Track Keyword Rankings

Growing traffic to your site relies on building superior quality links. Know the high-quality, relevant, sites that you can contact for link building and outreach.

We monitor your brand and foster relationships with Influencers. We stay updated to the new links pointing to your site. We know exactly what's happening with your website, and reach out to buils relationships with high-authority platforms.

We will recover valuable lost links for you. You work so hard to acquire links with guest posting and ads. What if one of these sites eliminates your link? Seo Services In Uk will let you know instantly about the setback.

Know how well you're ranking on Google for prized keywords. Observe the changes over time and how they're influenced by your backlink variations. (Local Pack Included)

Seo Services In Uk Will Help You with:

What People Say

Kaspars Adams
Owner - UCSIreland

Very professional, attentive and all hands on the deck SEO service - will do their utmost to help achieving the goals we have set in front of them! Highly recommend to anyone willing to achieve REAL SEO results at a reasonable cost!

Owner - Delibeira

Services Are good. My account manager has been responsive and results have started coming in relatively fast (SEO takes time). Could perhaps improve on reporting but it is quite good still. No real complaints so far.

Gavin Pedley
Founder -

Great service so far. Have listened to my requirements. Helped us to improve our ranking which is the most important thing.

Nathan Kallen
Owner - Digital Marketing Agency

I run a small digital marketing agency. I know a lot of the ins and outs of websites, but I needed a strong team behind me to help iron out my website and SEO.After lots of research, I came to Nathan and Rankmelocally and signed myself up. Since the first day, the entire team has been extremely responsive and helpful. Not only have they exceeded my expectations, they constantly go above and beyond. My account manager is Keith who is always extremely responsive and helpful. I have gone through countless website changes and edits for SEO, and Keith has walked me through everything.

Chuck Pisciotta
Real Estate

I am writing this because during my sales process, I appreciated the excellent company overview of Rank Me Locally, the technical education, and advisory skills of Nathan Stokes, Pre-Sales Project Consultant.
Nathan has an exceptional talent in dealing with people, managing his prospects, and is the best pre-sales consultant that I have ever had the pleasure of interacting with. He is an “expert” and beyond my wildest dreams of how good someone with his rare skills could be.

Miguel Henriquez

Highly recommend these guys. They are easy and great to work with! They constantly stay in contact with you, throughout the entire process of the work that they do for you and your company. They also deliver the work that they do in a very timely matter. Lastly, they are just great at what they do. They have increased the overall SEO for my company tremendously, and I have just started to work with them not too long ago. Definitely excited to see what more they can do for my company, as I continue to work with them.

2018 SEO Market Leader

Why Choose Seo Services In Uk?

We’ll reveal real-life examples of how our SEO marketing tactics have resulted in success for our clients. Need we say more?

Human-level link analysis

We don’t stop anywhere. Our teams knows that algorithms can only go to an extent in determining link quality. Our qualified link analysis specialists will manually review your backlinks and offer you an easy to understand report recommending which links to have eliminated. This ensures we’re taking care of the worst offending links first.

Human-level link analysis

User-Friendly Link Audits

We’ve simplified our backlink Audit report to make sure that it’s user-friendly which links are helping and more prominently which links could be detrimental to your brand’s rankings. In today’s competitive SEO landscape, links to your website remain 70% of the game. Done right, your brand will glisten! Done wrong, you can harm your website utterly.

User-Friendly Link Audits

Improve your Google PageRank (PR) value

The more the reliable links point to your website, the easier it is to find and index for crawlers, making you rank higher for targeted keywords on Google. The number of backlinks is also a crucial indicator to Google that your site has a superior vote of confidence from other websites and your webpages are link-worthy. With the increase of inbound links to your website, your Google PageRank (PR) value will also improve.

Improve your Google PageRank (PR) value

Certified Backlink Examination Engineers

We will assess your website and estimate competitive pricing, offering you a fair cost for our certified engineers to help fix your website’s glitches. By picking a professional, in-house SEO link audit service like ours, your website audit will be carried out by CERTIFIED backlink analysis engineers.

Certified Backlink Examination Engineers

Diagnose Your Toxic Links Understand Your Position:

  • Understand Your Position:
  • Accumulate All Backlinks:
  • Link Quality Diagnostics:
  • Reporting:

Understand Your Position:

We’ll start by learning your website’s reasons and history for the link removal. This may comprise any reports from agencies and any former link building you or other third parties have taken into account.

Accumulate All Backlinks:

We will then deliver the most in-depth data sourcing from leading sources like Moz Open Site Explorer, Webmaster Tools, Majestic SEO as well as pulling in data from thousands of unique sources globally offering the most accurate snapshot of former and new backlinks to your website.

Link Quality Diagnostics:

We will evaluate the risk level of every incoming backlink using a combination of strong grading signals. We then pull out suspicious-looking and penalized sites.


You will be presented with a report with all the backlinks to your website. There will be trust scores as well as tags specifying the banned or suspicious links complete with contact forms and emails of the links websites and its owners.

Grow with Brand SEO

Audit & Backlink Elimination

We’ll launch one of the most antagonistic backlink elimination campaigns on the market, contacting the webmasters where the toxic links are located and request their elimination. We’ll do this via emails collected with a diversity of custom mail templates created exclusively for you, so each webmaster receives numerous removal requests. Any websites having online forms will also be engaged, in some instances, if there are cell numbers or alternate contact modes available, we will exhaust all efforts to eliminate your inbound links. A final report will be presented detailing removals and the method and dates of contact attempts. Paid removals requests will be provided to you at the end in a final report.

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